Since 2017, I have been heavily involved in the Hamilton community in a variety of capacities, including anti-racism work in the school board, student government, distributing food to those in need, helping people access vaccines during the pandemic, and advocating for housing security alongside Hamilton’s most vulnerable. Here are some highlights: 

  • As part of the Muslim Students Association (MSA), I helped organize a ring of peace around Westdale High School in 2017, calling for safety and inclusion for Muslim students following the Quebec Mosque shooting, and to address tensions between Muslim students and school 
  • I participated in and helped facilitate sessions with students at Westdale and Sir John A. Macdonald to talk about our experiences of racism in schools, and to create recommendations for the Board regarding anti-racist and anti-oppressive policies
  • I worked with Hamilton Students for Justice (HS4J), formerly known as HWDBSKids Need Help, following an incident of police violence at Westdale against a Black student, to advocate for the student’s family and ensure they had access to legal support
  • I helped host town halls to hear directly from the community on ways ableism and police violence were disproportionately affecting racialized, Black, and disabled students. Our recommendations, collected in student- and community-informed policy reports, included hiring a Human Rights Officer and establishing the Human Rights and Equity Committee. They were eventually adopted by the HWDSB
  • These many years of student advocacy culminated in an historic vote at the HWDSB in June 2020, where we successfully pushed trustees to vote for the complete termination of the Police Liaison Program from HWDSB schools. Were it not for consistent advocacy and documentation on the part of myself and other students, the Board would not have the Human Rights and Equity Committee, a human rights officer, certain policies in the Equity Action Plan, or police-free schools. 
  • With other student advocates, I met with the NDP Black Caucus in 2020 and leader of the Official Provincial Opposition to demand that the government remove police from all Ontario schools, review anti-racism and discrimination policies across the province, and review the HWDSB’s anti-racism measures and Equity Action Plan. In June 2020, in an historic vote at the HWDSB, we successfully pushed trustees to vote for the complete termination of the Police Liaison Program
  • While at McMaster, I ran a successful campaign to be elected Social Sciences Representative while pursuing a Political Science degree. I advocated for a safer campus and successfully co-drafted a motion that called on McMaster to immediately terminate the contract of its head of security, Glenn De Caire
  • I helped launch frontline mutual aid service Hamilton CareMongering when pandemic lockdown restrictions prevented vulnerable people from leaving their homes. We delivered groceries and essential items to hundreds of families who needed them. 
  • When the City of Hamilton was failing to provide adequate vaccinations for Black and racialized people, who were and continue to be disproportionately impacted by the pandemic, I helped hundreds of BIPOC Hamiltonians register for pop-up Covid-19 vaccine clinics 
  • In 2020, when the Ferguson and First Ontario encampments were being torn down by the City and residents evicted and displaced without adequate supports or long-term housing solutions, I joined the Hamilton Encampment Support Network (HESN) to provide support to encampment residents and train a large network of volunteers to be able to support their unhoused neighbours in their own communities
  • I worked alongside residents of the Good Shepherd shelter in the now-defunct Cathedral Boys School to bring the egregious conditions within the shelter to light

Currently, I work at SACHA – The Sexual Assault Center for Hamilton Area, as the diverse communities outreach coordinator. In my capacity through SACHA, I am developing and coordinating programming for Black and racialized survivors across Hamilton.

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